Festival President, RWBro Jon Whitaker PGM

Festival Director, WBro Barrie Hewitt PSGD

Money raised will go to the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), which was formed in the year the last Festival ended by rolling the three existing national  Masonic charities together. It is one of the largest grant-making charities in the country and provides about £20m annually that supports a wide number of charities, hospices, air ambulances and international disaster relief efforts as well as Freemasons and their families.

Out of this total the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight last year received £766,623 for individual members and their families, plus a further £150,000 went to local charities and good causes.

“Since the launch there has been a very good response right across the Province to get behind the Festival Appeal. I am delighted that there is now a greater awareness of what the MCF is and how it can help us all and also how it assists the wider national and international community.”

Barrie Hewitt,
Festival Director 

Useful Pocket Guide for VOs, Lodge Masters, Charity Stewards and Almoners.

Available from your Area Festival Chairman.

Festival Toolkit 

The MCF 2027 Festival Toolkit is primarily intended for use by Lodge Charity Stewards, Treasurers Secretaries and Visiting Officers in promoting the Festival whist ensuring accurate information is disseminated.

Useful contacts
Festival Secretary WBro David Hilton MBE David.Hilton@MCF2027Festival.co.uk
Provincial Charity Steward WBro John Pearson John.Pearson@MCF2027Festival.co.uk
North Central Area W Bro Andi Parker Andi.Parker@MCF2027Festival.co.uk
North East Area W Bro Richard Lucas Richard.Lucas@MCF2027Festival.co.uk
Solent Area W Bro Ray Bezani Ray.Bezani@MCF2027Festival.co.uk
South Central Area W Bro Jim Renshaw Jim.Renshaw@MCF2027Festival.co.uk
South East Area W Bro Scott Clarke Scott.Clarke@MCF2027Festival.co.uk
South West Area W Bro Barry Hills Barry.Hills@MCF2027Festival.co.uk
W Bro John Donoghue John.Donoghue@MCF2027Festival.co.uk
W Bro Scott Clarke Scott.Clarke@MCF2027Festival.co.uk
W Bro Peter Hill Peter.Hill@MCF2027festival.co.uk