Freemasonry in the Community

The Freemasonry in the Community (FITC) initiative provides the Province with a formal link with the wider community. Designed to increase public awareness of our organisation, FITC is part of our drive to make Freemasonry more accessible and indeed more transparent to the general public. Taking part in events across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight is also the ideal platform to attract new members.

Unlike most exhibitors we do not have a physical product or service to offer and neither are we a charity asking for money. In a nutshell, we are selling ourselves. To a large extent, we are the exhibit and how we present ourselves reflects directly on Freemasonry. We should ensure that the correct branding and messaging is used at all events.

Each Area is responsible for creating its programme of FITC events.  Area FITC teams should make sure that the necessary display material is available for each of their events. The Province’s central repository of FITC  material  is located at King’s Court Masonic Centre in Chandler’s Ford. It is managed  by the FITC Coordinator Jeff Godsall when planning your events Jeff should be advised of your requirements.


Jeff Godsall, FITC Coordinator.

Jim Steele, FITC Assistant.

Portsmouth International Kite Festival 2022.

Our FitC presence attracted a large number of visitors and some good leads for potential members.