North Central Area


Area Executive & Management Team
AsstPGM James Kneller
Area Chairman Maurice Doe
Area Vice-Chairman (Eastleigh) Nigel Baber
Area Vice-Chairman (Kings Court A) Mick Geddes
Area Vice-Chairman (Kings Court B) Neil Ratcliffe
Area Vice-Chairman (Basingstoke) Simon Walther
Area Vice-Chairman (Winchester A) Gordon Brakewell
Area Vice-Chairman (Winchester B) Ben Waring
Area Vice-Chairman (Andover) Gifton Bailey
Secretary Alan Smith
Treasurer John Murray
Membership Chairman David Burrows
Almoner Malcolm Collier
Mentor Malcolm Hammond
FiTC Officer Paul Twelftree
Area Communication Officer Sam Chapman
Events Officer Tim Baker
Charity Steward Andi Parker
North Circular Morgan Tye
Light Blues Ambassador Andy Blatch  
Masonic Centres and Lodges

(With their meeting dates)

Chandler’s Ford
Saint Hubert Lodge 1373
2nd Tues Sep-May
Anton Lodge 6953
1st Thurs Sep-May
Norman Gate Lodge 8116
3rd Thurs Sep-Apr (except Dec)
Ariel Lodge 8166

4th Thurs Sep-Apr (except Dec)

Andover Combined Services Lodge 8300

3rd Mon Sep-Dec, Mar-May

Oakley Lodge 694

1st Mon Oct-Apr (except Jan), 2nd Mon May

Elvetham Lodge 4013

4th Tues Sep-Apr (except Dec)

Basing Lodge 5500

4th Thurs Oct, Nov, Jan-May, 3rd Thurs Dec

Vyne Lodge 7612

3rd Thurs Oct, Nov, Jan, Mar, May

Loddon Lodge 8223
2nd Thurs Oct-May
Norman Lodge 4124

4th Mon Sep-Apr, 3rd Wed Dec, May

Wessex Lodge 5297

Last week-day Sep-Nov, Jan, Mar-May

Lodge of Fraternal Union 7570

2nd Wed Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar, May, Sat following 2nd Wed Jul

Vale of Itchen Lodge 7816
2nd Sat Oct-May (except Apr)
Docendo Discimus Lodge 7818

1st Thurs Mar, Jun, Sep, Nov and Jan

Rose Window Lodge 7839

3rd Mon Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct-Dec

Southampton New Temple Lodge 8131

1st Mon Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr

King’s Court Lodge 8441

3rd Fri Sep-Jun (except Oct, Mar, May)

Lodge of Humility 8464

1st Fri Oct-Apr

Prytaneion Lodge 9340

2nd Fri Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar, May

Lodge of Maturity 9390

1st Tues Feb, Mar, Oct, Nov

Pax Hill Lodge 9878

4th Fri Feb, Apr, Sep, Oct

Mayflower Lodge 8815

3rd Thurs Oct-May (except Dec)

3rd Wed in Feb, Mar, Apr, Sep, Nov and 2nd Tue in Dec

Lodge of Brevity 9903

3rd Tue Feb Mar(I), Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec.

Hampshire Lodge of Emulation 1990

4th Tues Sep-May (except Dec)

Oceanus Lodge 7785

3rd Thurs Oct-May (except Dec)

Friendship and Justice Lodge 8074

3rd Wed Sep-Apr

Eastleigh Lodge 8340

3rd Sat Sep-Mar (except Dec), 4th Sat Apr, 3rd Sat May

The William Fawcett Lodge 8612

2nd Tues in Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec

Merdon Lodge 5135

2nd Sat Oct-May

Lodge of Economy 76

Last Wed Sep-Apr except Dec

William of Wykeham Lodge 1883

2nd Tues Sep-May

Caer Gwent Lodge 5071

1st Wed Oct-Apr

Old Symondian Lodge 5734

2nd Sat Oct-May (except Dec)

Wolvesey Lodge 6818

3rd Thurs Sep-Apr (except Dec)

King Aelfred Lodge 7487

1st Mon Oct-Apr

Faith and Confidence Lodge 8222

3rd Sat Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov

St. Matthew of Wyke Lodge 8563

1st Sat Feb-Apr, Sep-Dec

Evingar Lodge 9512

3rd Wed Oct, Nov, Feb, Mar, Apr

Upcoming Events in the Area

Hearing impaired to benefit from NCA Freemason Mike’s support

Bro Mike Barringer, a member of Lodge of Brevity & Lodge of Economy, is currently...
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New lodge is open to debate!

A new lodge is set to be consecrated in the Province early next year (2024). ...
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The City of Winchester Freemasons Club – AGM

The City of Winchester Freemasons Club will be holding their Annual General Meeting at the...
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North Circular visit to Sarum Lodge, Salisbury

The North Circular visiting club will be making an out of Province trip to Salisbury...
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‘North Circular’ the North Central Area Visiting Club – July 2023

Country Sports Lodge – 9992, at Winchester Masonic Centre, on Tuesday, July 11th at 6pm....
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Lodge Treasurer’s Workshop

Money, money, money!! Lodge Treasurer’s Workshop at Kings Court Masonic Centre, Chandlers Ford. SO53 2GG...
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North Central Area’s Latest News

PGM launches Membership Challenge across the North Central Area

June 1st, 2023 could become a pivotal turning point for Freemasonry in the North Central...
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