South Central Area


Area Executive & Management Team
APGM Ian Preece
Area Chairman Kevin Turner
Area Vice-Chairman Brian Durrant
Area Vice-Chairman Mark Green
Area Vice-Chairman Andy Hobman
Area Vice-Chairman David Lallana
Area Vice-Chairman George Wilkinson
Area Vice-Chairman Malcolm Thornton
Secretary Peter Goodchild
Treasurer Mike Layton
Membership Chairman Andrew Fuller
Almoner Jeff Godsall
Mentor George Mars
Festival Chairman Jim Renshaw
South Circular Co-ordinator Rob Connor
FiTC Officer Steve Humby
Area Communication Officer Phil Wedgbrow
Charity Steward Ash Bennette
Masonic Centres and Lodges

(With their meeting dates)


Daintree Lodge 2938
2nd Tue Mar – Jul, Oct – Dec

St Christopher Lodge 7919
4th Mon Feb, Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct, Nov

Homelea Lodge 8151
1st Mon Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov, 2nd Mon May

Bishop’s Waltham Lodge 8190
2nd Fri Oct – Apr

Meon Valley Lodge 8336
3rd Fri Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Oct, Nov

Solent Engineers Lodge 8338
3rd Wed Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct ,Dec

Crofton Lodge 8365
3rd Tue Jan, Mar, May, Oct, Nov

Pudbrook Lodge 8366
1st Tue Feb – May, Oct, Nov, Dec

Gateway Lodge 8474
1st Wed Oct – May (Except Jan)

Brook House Lodge 8606
2nd Wed Oct – May (Except Dec)

Thomas Bennett Langton Lodge 9224
4th Wed Feb, Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct, Nov

Football Lodge 9921
3rd Wed Feb, May, Sep, Nov

Royal Gloucester Lodge 130
2nd Thu Jan – Dec

Lodge of Peace and Harmony 359
3rd Mon Oct – May

Southampton Lodge 394
3rd Thu Sep – Apr

Shirley Lodge 1112
1st Mon Sep – Jun (Except Jan), May, 1st Thu May, Oct

Albert Edward Lodge 1780
1st Tue Oct – Jun (Except Jan)

Beach Lodge 2955
2nd Wed Oct – Apr

Augustus Webster Lodge 3871
4th Tue Sep – Apr (Except Dec)

Canute Lodge 4876
2nd Fri Oct – May

Lodge of Concord 4910
4th Fri Sep – Apr (Except Dec)

Sir Bevis Lodge 5072
4th Sat Sep – May (Except Dec)

Ye Old Bargate Lodge 5296
2nd Mon Oct – May

Lodge of Chivalry 5685
3rd Fri Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Oct, Dec, 2nd Fri Sep

Southampton University Lodge 7022
1st Sat Feb, Mar, Jun, Oct, Dec

Southampton and District Masters’ Lodge 9181
3rd Tue Feb, 1st Fri Jun, 4th Wed Sep

William Rufus Lodge 6979
3rd Wed Feb, Mar, May, Oct, Nov

Eling Manor Lodge 7337
1st Fri oct – May (Except Jan)

West Gate Lodge 7387
1st Wed Oct – May (Except Jan)

Wilfrid Attenborough Lodge 7672
2nd Mon Oct – May (Except Dec)

Knightwood Lodge 7813
1st Tue Sep – May (Except Jan)

Forest Green Lodge 7925
4th Mon Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov

Totton Lodge 8080
4th Thu Feb, Mar, May, Oct, Nov

Falegia Lodge 9499
2nd Fri Feb, Mar, Sep, Oct, Dec

Clausentum Lodge 1461
1st Wed (Except Jan, Aug, Sep)

Priory Lodge 5204
2nd Wed Sep – May (Except Dec, Jan)

Netley Abbey Lodge 6989
3rd Thu Sep – Apr (Except Dec)

Hamtun Lodge 7083
3rd Fri Sep – Apr (Except Dec)

Southampton Old Edwardians Lodge 7106
3rd Tue Sep – Apr

Lodge of St Denys 7383
4th Tue Sep – Apr (Except Dec)

Pear Tree Lodge 7954
2nd Mon Feb, Apr, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Dec

Deanery Lodge 9191
4th Wed Jan, Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep, Oct, 4th Thu Nov

Upcoming Events in the Area

SCA – Membership Officer Seminar (Botley)

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SCA Membership Officer Seminar (Totton)

As part of the ongoing Membership Challenge, you are invited to an SCA Membership Seminar...
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Lodge Officer Workshops (Available to SCA Masons regardless of venue)

The Provincial Lodge officer Workshops are now underway, and will take place at various venues...
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