South West (Inc Bournemouth) Area


Area Executive & Management Team
AsstPGM Chris Lockwood
Area Chairman Mark Werner
Area Vice-Chairman (Brockenhurst & Lymington) Jason Lovell
Area Vice-Chairman (Knole A) Rohan Goodall
Area Vice-Chairman (Knole B) Naser Sharifi
Area Vice-Chairman (Ringwood, Christchurch & New Milton) Andy Castell
Secretary Andrew Brown
Treasurer Huw Evans
Membership David Tidman
Almoner Rick Ashton
Mentor Mike Collins
Training Co-ordinator Paul Berry
Learning & Development Paul Berry
Reporter Ed Baker
South West Tourists Geoff Cane-Richardson
FiTC Officer Carl Sams
Area Communication Officer Ed Baker
IT Contact Andy Castell
Charity Steward Barry Hills
Festival Chairman Barry Hills
Masonic Centres and Lodges

(With their meeting dates)

New Milton
Lodge of Hengist 195
1st Thu Sep to Jun, Excluding Jan. Feb (Installation)
Boscombe Lodge 2158
4th Thurs Sep (Installation) to May, Excluding December
Horsa Lodge 2208
3rd Mon Sep to Jun, Oct (Installation)
Justitia Lodge 3130
3rd Fri Jan, Mar, Jun, Sep, Nov. 4th Fri Apr (Installation)
Rowena Lodge 3180
3rd Wed Sep to May, Excluding Jan. Oct (Installation)
St Michaels Lodge 3521
4th Tues Mar (Installation), Apr, May, Sep., Oct, Nov
Octa Lodge 4397
3rd Thu Oct to Jun Excluding Jan, May, Apr (Installation)
Aethelberht Lodge 4712
1st Fri Oct (Installation) to Jun
Vortigern Lodge 4854
Last Fri Sep to Jun Excluding Dec, Feb (Installation
King Arthur Lodge 5469
2nd Tue Oct (Installation) to May Excluding Jan
Southbourne Lodge 6281
1sr Tue Sep to Jun Excluding Jan. Oct (Installation)
Bourne Lodge 6959
2nd Fri Sep to May (Installation)
Cerdic Lodge 7030
2nd Thu Sep to Jun Excluding Dec. Jan (Installation)
Meyrick Lodge 7295
1st Wed Oct (Installation) to Jun Excluding Jan
Sojourners Lodge 7597
1st Mon, Feb, Mar, Jun, Sep (Installation) , Nov
Lodge of St Augustine 8459
3rd Fri Jan (Installation) , Mar, May, Sep, Nov.
Jubilee Lodge 8755
2nd Mon, Jan, Mar, May (Installation) ,Sep, Nov, Dec.
Knole Lodge 8996
3rd Wed Jan, Mar, May, Sep (Installation) , Nov.
Bournemouth & District Masters Lodge 9152
4th Mon Mar (Installation) , Jun. 2nd Mon Oct.
 Brockenhurst Lodge 7040
2nd Fri  Sep to May, Mar (Installation)
Lyndhurst  Lodge 8012
2nd Tue Jan, 1st Tue Feb to Jun, Oct to Dec. Apr (Installation)
Forest Villages Lodge 9405
4th Mon Feb, Apr Sep (Installation) , Oct. 3rd Mon Dec
Twynham Lodge 5889
1st Mon Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov (Installation), Dec
The Elizabethan Lodge 7262
3rd Mon Sep to May, Apr (Installation)
Highcliffe Lodge 8054
2nd Wed Oct (Installation)  to May
Via Lucis Lodge 8228
4th Thu Sep to May Excluding Dec, Apr (Installation)
The Lodge of Expatiation 9290
2nd Tue Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct (Installation) , Dec
New Forest Lodge of Installed Masters 9665
2nd Thu Feb (Installation) , 3rd Thu May, 1st Thu Nov
New Forest 319
1st Wed Feb to May, Sep (Installation) , Oct to Dec
Powney 3099
3rd Wed Sep to May(Installation) , Excluding Dec
Lymington Lodge 7984
4th Tue Jan to Apr, Sep, Oct (Installation) , 2nd Tue Dec
Hythe Lodge  8546
3rd Tue  Feb, Mar, Apr (Installation) Oct, Nov.
Lentune Lodge 8743
2nd Tue Oct (Installation) to Apr.   3rd Tues Dec
Barton Court Lodge 5468
3rd Tue Dec, 3rd Wed Sep (Installation) to Apr, excluding Jan.
Fernhill  Lodge 7707
4th Wed Sep (Installation) to Apr, Excluding Dec, the 3rd Wed
Lodge of Unity  132
2nd Tues Sep to May, Jan (Installation)
Vale of Avon Lodge 4859
3rd Mon Sep to May excluding Dec, Nov (Installation)
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