North East Area


Area Executive & Management Team
AsstPGM Peter G Vosser
Area Chairman Nigel Edwards
Area Vice-Chairman Larry Armitstead
Area Vice-Chairman Guy Sudron
Area Vice-Chairman Dennis Skouras
Area Vice-Chairman Stephen Russell
Area Vice-Chairman Christopher Brinsden
Area Vice-Chairman Colin Wicks
Area Vice-Chairman Richard Lucas
Area Vice Chairman Brian McArthur
Secretary Charles McGeoch
Treasurer Alan Davey
Festival Director Richard Lucas
Charity Steward Andy Pople
Membership Chairman Gary Green
Area Almoner Brian McArthur
Almoner – Alton, Bordon, Petersfield Barry Farrington
Almoner – Aldershot, Farnborough, Farnham Michael Woodford
Mentor Mark Graham
Marketing  Jeremy Ward
Light Blues Co-Ordinator Ian Patterson
FiTC Officer Eric Robinson
Area Communication Officer Elliott Port
Events Officer Colin Wicks
Reporter Robin Hill


Masonic Centres and Lodges

(With their meeting dates)


Aldershot Camp Lodge No. 1331
2nd Wed Oct-Apr

Anniversary Lodge No. 8385
2nd Fri Jan-Mar, May, Sep-Nov

Earl of Malmesbury Lodge No. 4919
4th Wed Feb, Apr, Sep 3rd Wed Dec

Palma Virtuti Lodge No. 4187
3rd Wed Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov

Panmure Lodge No. 723
2nd Tues Oct-May exc Mar

Waller Rodwell Wright Lodge No. 2755
1st Sat Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep & Nov

Zetland Lodge No. 515
3rd Sat Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep & Nov

Amery Lodge No. 6510
3rd Wed Oct-Apr (except Jan)

Aultoun Lodge No. 7899
4th Sat Sep, Nov, Jan & Mar

Camelot Lodge No. 8553
2nd Fri Dec & 3rd Fri Oct, Feb, Apr, May

Holybourne Lodge No. 9507
1st Thurs Sep, Nov, Jan, Feb & Apr

Shalden Lodge No. 2016
2nd Wed Oct-May

Cherry Tree Lodge No. 8749
2nd Thurs Apr, May, Oct-Dec & Feb

Headley Lodge No. 9072
3rd Wed Sep, Oct, Dec, Jan, Feb & May

Chequered Flag Lodge No. 9914
4th Mon Sep, Nov, Feb & May

Whitehill Lodge No. 8425
1st Thurs Mar-May, Oct-Dec

Woolmer Forest Lodge No. 3872
4th Wed every month (except Jul, Aug, Dec)

Alder Tree Lodge No. 9289
1st Tues Mar-May, Oct-Dec

Aldershot Royal Engineers Lodge No. 4178
2nd Tues Feb, Mar, May, Oct & Nov

Farnborough & North Camp Lodge No. 2203
3rd Wed Feb, Mar, May, Oct & Nov

Fugelmere Lodge No. 5073
3rd Thurs Oct-Dec, Feb-Apr

Hospitality Lodge No. 7927
2nd Mon Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar & May

Loyalty Lodge No. 7154
2nd Thurs Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar & May

Mercury Lodge No. 4581
4th Sat Feb, 4th Wed Mar, Apr, Sep-Nov & Jan

Mid Wessex Masters Lodge No. 8859
3rd Mon Mar, Jun & Oct

More Majorum Lodge No. 7786
3rd Sat Jan, Mar, May & Nov

Pegasus Forces Lodge No. 9393
4th Fri Feb, Apr, Sep & Nov

Rose of Hampshire Lodge No. 8463
3rd Tues Jan, Feb. Apr, Sep-Dec

Semper Fidelis Lodge No. 6664
1st Mon Oct, Nov, Feb-Apr

The Aldershot Army & Navy Lodge No. 1971
4th Thurs Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct & 2nd Thurs Dec

United Progress Lodge No. 9336
1st Fri Feb, Apr, Jun, Nov & Dec

Yateley Lodge No. 9107
1st Thurs Jan, Mar, May, Sep & Nov

East Hampshire Masters Lodge No. 9513
4th Mon Jan, Apr & Sep

St Peters Lodge No. 9182
1st Fri Feb, Mar, May, Oct, Nov & Dec

The Lodge of Friendship No. 928
1st Tues Oct-Apr except Jan

The Union of Malta Lodge No. 407
2nd Sat Mar, Apr, May, Oct & Dec

Aultone Lodge No. 6873
2nd Mon Jan, Mar, May & Nov

Border Lodge No. 2475
2nd Tues Oct-May

Upcoming Events in the Area
North East Area’s Latest News

A monumental and moving evening for all

This evening marks the end of an era for the North East Area in particular,...
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2027 Festival Support!

North East Area APGM W.Bro. Peter G. Vosser and APGM designate W.Bro. Duncan Lilley with...
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North East Area Toy Donation

The North East Area Charity Steward has recently been able to donate a considerable number...
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Freemasons donate £500 to Farnborough Parity for Disability

Farnborough Freemasons on behalf of the ‘Hampshire & Isle of Wight Masonic Grand Charity’ presented...
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Mercury Lodge No. 4851 with friends at Sounding the Retreat

Mercury & friends attended the Aldershot Garrison Sounding the Retreat on 14 June. Brilliant weather,...
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Donation to the Prostate Project

Recently Yateley Lodge’s Immediate Past Master (IPM) presented a cheque for £1,250 to the Prostate...
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Master’s Lodge grows membership

Mid Wessex Lodge of Installed Masters 8859 met at Bordon recerntly and were treated to...
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