South East Area


Area Executive & Management Team
AsstPGM Chris Bayliss
Area Chairman Steve Brewster
Area Vice-Chairman Peter Hill
Area Vice-Chairman Peter Close
Area Vice-Chairman Darren Lawrence
Area Vice-Chairman Brian Jackson
Area Vice-Chairman Ross Lucas-Young
Area Vice-Chairman Graham Lant
Area Vice-Chairman Dan Geasley
Area Vice-Chairman Peter Higgins
Secretary Jordan Fretter
Treasurer Kevin Dennis
Membership Chairman Nick Milburn
Almoner Pat McCaw
Mentor Rob Lowe
Charity Steward Darren Pullen
FITC Officer Peter Close
Events Lead Luc Semmens
Area Communications Officer Simon Leib
Lead for SEA Band of Brothers Simon Gough
Masonic Centres and Lodges

(With their meeting dates)

Portsmouth Temperance Lodge 2068
Daytime Lodge meeting in the morning
4th Mon Feb-Apr, Sep-Nov
Victory Lodge 3509
1st Fri Feb, Apr, Jun, July, Oct & Dec, 1st Sat May (I)
King Edward VII Lodge 3816
4th Tues Sep-May
Portsdown Lodge 4356
1st Wed Jan-Jun, Oct, Nov
Comrades Lodge 4745
2nd Wed Oct-Jun
Neptune Lodge 5150
1st Thurs every month (except Jul, Aug)
Arthurian Lodge 5658
3rd Thurs Sep-May (except Dec)

Wayfarers’ Lodge 5740
4th Weds Sep to June, except Dec

Portsmouth and District Masters’ Lodge 5990
4th Fri Jan, 2nd Thurs Apr, Jul, Oct

Solent Lodge 6182
3rd Mon Sep-Jun

Portus Magnus Lodge 6530
2nd Fri Oct-Apr, Jun,1st Fri Sep

Georgian Lodge 6752
3rd Tues Sep – May

Cosham Lodge 6912
2nd Mon Sep-Jun (except Jan)

Taverners Lodge 7442
4th Fri Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, 3rd Fri Dec

Sir Francis Drake Lodge 7668
3rd Sat Oct-Apr (except Dec)

Cathedral Lodge 7753
2nd Sat Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Dec

Johore Bahru Lodge 8390
1st Sat Feb-Apr, Sep-Nov

Charles Dickens Lodge 8597
2nd Tue Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov, 3rd Thu in Jun, Dec, 4th Mon Oct

Drayton Lodge 8832
2nd Thurs Sep-Jun (except Apr, Oct)

James E. Bullen Lodge 9273
3rd Wed Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov (I)

Carnarvon Lodge 804
1st Tues Oct-Jun (except Jan)

United Service Lodge 1428
4th Wed Sep-Jun (except Dec)

Havant Lodge 4689
2nd Wed Sep-May

Hayling Island Lodge 6422
2nd Fri Oct-May

Forest of Bere Lodge 6612
2nd Mon Oct-May (except Dec)

Lodge of Hope 2153
3rd Tues Jan-May, Sep-Nov

Excelsior Lodge 4505
1st Tues Oct-May (except Jan)

Prudence Lodge 7183
2nd Fri Jan, Feb, May, Oct, Nov.

Clanfield Lodge 8203
2nd Wed Jan, Mar, May, Sep-Nov

Fives Heads Lodge 8507
4th Wed Sep-May (except Dec, Apr)

Pilgrims Lodge 9198
1st Wed Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug

Rugby Bastion Lodge 9896
3rd Friday Feb, Apr, Sep(I), Nov.
(Whilst the Lodge meets at Horndean, this is a roving Lodge that visits around the Province)

Phoenix Lodge 257
4th Wed Feb, Apr, Sep, Nov, 24th June 27th Dec
St. Clair Lodge 2074
4th Mon Jan, Mar, May, Jun, Sep, Nov, Dec
Southsea Lodge 4071
4th Thurs Sep-May (except Dec)
Domus Dei Lodge 5151
1st Wed Oct-June (excluding January)
Old Portmuthian Lodge 8285
3rd Mon Oct-Apr (except Dec)
Tudor Rose Lodge 9477
Last working day Jan, Mar, May, Sep-Nov
Spinnaker Lodge 9932
Last Wed, Jan(I), 1st Sat May, June, Sept. Last Wed Nov.
(January’s meeting is located at the Phoenix Rooms with subsequent throughout the Province)

Royal Sussex Lodge 342
3rd Wed, Oct-May

Landport Lodge 1776
3rd Thurs Sep-May

Duke of Connaught Lodge 1834
4th Tue Jan-May, Sep-Nov

Royal Marine Portsmouth Lodge 6423
3rd Tues Oct-Dec, Feb-Jun

St. Thomas Lodge 6574
1st Wed Sep-Jun except Jan

Absit Invidia Lodge 6751
1st Tues Sep-Jun

St. Mary Lodge 7304
Last Wed Sep-Apr (except Dec)

Richard Bond Lodge 8281
4th Thurs Oct-May

Links Lodge 8431
4th Sat Oct-May, except Dec & Apr

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Father of Southsea

I have been a freemason, and member of Southsea Lodge, for a little over 11...
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Lodge of Harmony Closure

At 6pm prompt, on Wednesday, November 15th 2023, the gavel of Worshipful Brother Michael Carter...
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City of Portsmouth Remembrance

The Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, November 12th 2023. Under a leaden grey sky, with rain ever...
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United Services 150th anniversary

The calendar of Provincial official visits for the masonic year running 8th September 2023 to...
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Excelsior Lodge Socks Night

Excelsior Lodge No 4505 meets on the first Tuesday of the month at the Horndean...
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