Special Interest Lodges

Photo: Leaving their boats, Spinnaker Lodge members in lodge dress code make their way to one of their regular meetings at a nearby Masonic Centre.

Many members are passionate about both Freemasonry and their hobbies leading to the formation of the Province’s ten Special Interest Lodges in as many years. 

  • Scouting – Pax Hill Lodge
  • Rugby – Rugby Bastion Lodge
  • Motorsport – Chequered Flag Lodge
  • Football – Football Lodge 
  • Sailing & motor boating – Spinnaker Lodge
  • Motorcycling – Hampshire & Isle of Wight Motorcyclists Lodge
  • Aviation – Samuel Cody Aviation Lodge
  • Armed & blue lights personnel – Vectis Services Lodge
  • Country sports (shooting & fishing) – Country Sports Lodge
  • Lodge of Brevity for the busy man

In a recent episode of UGLE’s Craftcast, the Freemasons podcast, the hosts discussed the role of Special Interest Lodges.

Shaun, James and Stephen are joined this time by David Lallana and Alex Pike, members of the Football Lodge, to delve into the world of Special Interest Lodges and their importance to Freemasonry. Together, they discuss how Lodges focused on specific interests such as Football can be a hook for new members to consider joining the fraternity.

Through personal anecdotes and insights, they discuss the unique benefits that such lodges offer, from deepening members’ connections to their passions to fostering a sense of community within the fraternity.

  • Chequered Flag Lodge

    Members with motor sport interests; racing, rallying, marshalling or just watching – includes cars, motorcycles, go-karts, planes and even boats.

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  • Country Sports Lodge

    Members involved and enjoying country sports activities.

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  • Football Lodge

    Members supporting and promoting the beautiful game.

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  • Hampshire & Isle of Wight Motorcyclists Lodge

    Members who love everything to do with motorcycles and especially riding them!

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  • Lodge of Brevity

    A lodge for the busy ‘modern man’ where meeting times are shorter.

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  • Pax Hill Lodge

    Members are drawn from Scouting.

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  • Rugby Bastion Lodge

    Members combining Freemasonry with the fun and camaraderie of rugby.

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  • Samuel Cody Aviation Lodge

    Members involved in aviation or enjoy any form of flying, professionally or as a hobby.

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  • Spinnaker Lodge

    Combining the members love of the sea with the camaraderie and fun of Freemasonry.

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  • Vectis Services Lodge

    A lodge for serving and retired military and blue light personnel.

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Contact one of our Specialist Lodges directly, or enquire below.

    Provincial Office, 85 Winchester Road, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire. SO53 2GG


    Tel. 023 8026 1555