South Circular visit St. Christopher Lodge N0. 7919

Brethren from the South Circular attended St. Christopher Lodge at the Botley centre on Monday 25th March 2024, to witness the Lodge’s newest Candidate taken through the Ceremony of Initiation.

We were treated to a very good evening of ritual, as well as at the festivities afterward. I am sure it was an evening which will be remembered by the new Brother for the entirety of his Masonic journey, for all of the right reasons.

This visit completed the South Circular’s visits for March 2024, but don’t forget to look out for the South Circular’s next proposed meetings, as advertised, for April and beyond.

Pictured with SCA APGM W.Bro Ian Preece PSGD are Members of the South Circular (including those from St. Christopher Lodge itself.)