Solent Area


Area Executive & Management Team
AsstPGM Adrian Cleightonhills
Area Chairman Clive Dobson
Area Vice-Chairman (Gosport) Ray Bezani
Area Vice-Chairman (Fareham) Peter Derby
Area Vice-Chairman (IOW East) David Hilton
Area Vice-Chairman (IOW West) Tony Latter
Secretary Steve Tatford
Treasurer Ian Palmer
Membership Chairman Peter Edwards
Almoner Robert Hannant
Mentor Richard James
Area Communication Officer John Allen
Charity Steward Andrew Croucher
Masonic Centres and Lodges

(With their meeting dates)

East Cowes
Gosport Lodge No: 903
2nd Tues Sep-May
Prince of Wales No: 1705
4th Thurs Sep-Jun (except Dec)
St. Swithun’s Lodge No: 4795
3rd Thurs Sep-Jun
Lee Britten Lodge No: 5782
1st Thurs Sep-May (except Jan, Apr)
Rowner Lodge No: 6974
3rd Mon Sep-May
Haslar Lodge No: 7234
3rd Tues Sep-Jun (except Jan)
Alwarestoch Lodge No: 7805
2nd Wed Oct-May (except Jan, Mar)
Clarence Lodge No: 8167
4th Tues Mar, Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov, 2nd Thu Jan, May & Oct
Lodge of Harmony No: 309
1st Thu, Oct-Jun
Portsmouth Lodge No: 487
4th Fri Feb, Mar, May, Sep & Nov 3rd Fri Jan, Apr, Oct & Dec
St. Vincent Lodge No: 5295
1st Fri Sep-Jun
Hermes Lodge No: 5532
2nd Fri Sep-May
Bishopswood Lodge No: 7920
4th Thurs Sep-May (except Dec), 3rd Thurs Dec
Titchfield Abbey Lodge No: 8189
3rd Wed Oct-May (except Dec)
Fareham Lodge No: 8582
4th Tues Sep-Jun (except Dec, Apr)
Wessex Lodge of Fidelity No: 8681
4th Mon Sep-Jun (except Dec)
Master Builders Lodge No: 8694
3rd Mon Sep-May (except Dec, Apr)
Fleet Air Arm Lodge No: 8867
3rd Thurs Jan, Mar, Jun, 2nd Thurs Sep, Nov
Karwan Lodge No: 8970
4th Wed Oct-Apr (except Dec)
Medina Lodge No: 35
2nd Thu Sep-May
Ernest Moss Lodge No: 9780
4th Wed Mar, Sept, Oct. 1st Thurs June
Osborne Lodge No: 2169
1st Sat every month (except Jul, Aug)
West Wight Lodge No: 8570
4th Mon Sep-May (except Dec)
Albany Lodge No: 151
2nd Mon Sep-Jun
Needles Lodge No: 2838
1st Wed Oct-Jun
East Medina Lodge No: 175
3rd Wed Sep-May
Ryde Lodge No: 698
1st Fri Oct-May
Vectensian Lodge No: 7852
2nd Fri Oct-May
St. Boniface Lodge No: 8790
4th Tues Sep-Apr (except Dec)
Vectis Services Lodge No: 9969
3rd Sat Feb, Mar, May, Sept, Oct & Nov
The Sandown Lodge No: 1869
3rd Thurs Sep-May
Yar Valley Lodge No: 8367
1st Mon Oct-Jun
Spithead Lodge No: 6719
1st Thurs Oct-May
Chine Lodge No: 1884
Last Thurs Sep-May
The Isle of Wight Masters’ Lodge No: 8847
3rd Fri Jun, Dec
Vectis Fairway Lodge No: 8293
1st Wed Mar, Oct, Nov. 2nd Wed Feb, Apr, Dec
Yarborough Lodge No: 551
3rd Tues, Sep-May
Upcoming Events in the Area

Provincial AGM

Solent Freemasons will be attending the Provincial Grand Lodge of Hamshire & Isle Of Wight...
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Solent Area’s Latest News

Gosport & Fareham Masonic Charity Cheque Presentation 2024

Anyone attending the Joint Masonic Cheque Presentation Evening at Fareham Masonic Centre today could not...
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Isle of Wight Masonic Charity Cheque Presentation 2024

A charity cheque presentation evening, hosted by Island Freemasons, was held at Cowes Masonic Hall...
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Field of Remembrance Service at Carisbrooke Castle

Solent Masons attended the annual Field of Remembrance Service at Carisbrooke Castle, Newport. The Deputy...
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