Freemasons in the Community stand at Netley Marsh Steam & Craft Show

If you happen to be attending the Netley Marsh Steam and Craft show today or indeed this weekend (Details and link below), feel free to drop in and say “Hi” to the Gents manning the Freemasons in the Community (FITC) stand.

FITC access to this show has been made possible by the work of W.Bro James Bailey (Brockenhurst Lodge No. 7040) and he will be joined by the SCA FITC Co-ordinator Bro. Paul Hill (Peace & Harmony Lodge No. 359)

Paul, James and others are working hard to promote Freemasonry, answering questions that members of the public may have, whilst attempting to ignore the various refreshment stands that are prevalent close to the vicinity of their pitch, not to mention the other attractions at the show.

Thanks Paul and James, as well as all of the others that give their time to promote the past-time (For want of a better term) we all enjoy so much.

The event runs from Friday 21st July to Sunday 23rd July 2023 – full details on the link below: