“I’ll be there” The Lord Mayor endorses important prostate cancer testing event

The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Cllr Tom Coles, says: “I’m glad to be taking part in the event and using my position to promote prostate health.”

Local Freemasons are hosting the prostate cancer testing event in conjunction with the charity Prostate Cancer Support Organisation (PCaSO) at Cosham Masonic Hall on Saturday September 7th.

The tests are free and it’s just a case of making an appointment by visiting the charity’s website www.pcaso.org/psa-testing.

Ian Gore, a member of King Edward Vll Lodge which meets at the Cosham Hall, and his fellow Lodge members, are driving this important initiative to give local men the opportunity for early testing.

He said: “Prostate cancer affects one in eight men over the age of 50 and this increases to one in five for men of African-Caribbean heritage.

“Diagnosed early, recovery rates are high but all too often the condition is not identified until the cancer is well developed which results in over 12,000 deaths a year in this country.

“This opportunity for quick and simple blood test, known as a PSA (prostate specific antigen) test, will give an indication of the health of the prostate.

“The test when taken regularly tracks any changes in PSA level and helps to give early warning of a problem.”

Cllr Tom Coles said: “It’s important for men to be aware of and take care of their health. This scheme is a great way of facilitating checks on prostate health with a less invasive procedure than commonly believed.”