The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Masonic Charitable Trust supporting brethren and their families

The Hampshire and IOW Masonic Charitable Trust (MCT) is the Province’s own charity and is funded by investments and supported by donations from lodges.

It continues to provide a prompt response to requests for financial assistance from lodge members and their families. Following the Covid pandemic there has been a growing number of requests for assistance, and additional funds have been allocated to help alleviate some of the financial pressures brought about by the effects of this disease.

The reasons for support are very varied and in a recent case, for example, the widow of a member suffered a brain tumour. The tumour is stable but she is unable to work and with little income the financial pressure has been relieved by a grant to cover daily living costs. Another case involved the MCT providing the finances for a grandson of a member to receive a ‘specialist’ dog to help alleviate the problems he experiences with severe autism.  

Jonathan Bell, the new Chairman of the Trustees, said that there are increasing numbers of brethren who are experiencing financial and health difficulties. The Trust is proud to be able – and ready – to provide immediate responses to all applications that warrant its support.

The Provincial MCT works closely with the Masonic Charitable Foundation at Grand Lodge and many cases considered locally are referred to London for further ongoing support.