Excelsior Lodge Socks Night

Excelsior Lodge No 4505 meets on the first Tuesday of the month at the Horndean Masonic Centre under the current Mastership of Worshipful Brother Simon Sandham. According to the current Yearbook, they have 40 subscribing members.

The November meeting at Excelsior Lodge is a special occasion for them, being their “Old English Night”. This is marked by such things as Brethren receiving clay pipes and enjoying a five-course meal. The main business listed on the agenda for their November 7th meeting was a demonstration 1st degree.

As with all Lodges though, the underlying purpose of every action is to promote “brotherly love, relief and truth” and true to this doctrine, W.Bro Luc Semmens (Assistant Secretary to the lodge and Events Lead for the Southeast of our province), had plans outside of the normal Masonic box, or should I say socks, to raise additional charitable funds.

If I strain my memory, I seem to recall a piece of ritual along the lines of how the “solemnity of our ceremonies requires a serious deportment”? Well, in the name of charity, we occasionally have to turn a blind eye. This was such an occasion.

With the enthusiastic agreement, Luc had arranged with the brethren that the wearing of “loud” socks was to be permitted and encouraged, with each person being fined £5 for wearing them. The third rising saw the Worshipful Master judge the errant wearers, with a £10 fine for the individual clearly demonstrating the worst taste! There was no get-out for anyone refusing to participate, as at the Festive Board black sock wearers were fined £5 for non-participation.

A bit of thought, outside of the normal box, fun was had by all, and £135.00 was raised for the MCF.   Well done Excelsior Lodge and Luc.

The lodge intends an annual repeat of the event with judging being deferred to the Festive Board. Perhaps during the Cheeseboard would be appropriate?

The Excelsior Lodge have set us all an example. Let’s take this back to our own lodges and get our Charity Stewards on board with it. Our area of the Province consists of five centres and nearly fifty Craft Lodges. Collectively, one small effort each will raise a significant sum. It would be great to publicise what simple thing each of our Lodges did to raise additional funds for the 2027 festival! Get in contact with the Communications team via emailing SEA.CO@HantsIOWMasons.org and let us know.