Craft and the Royal Arch – A 50-Year Anniversary

A special evening was had in December at Old Portmuthian Chapter No 8285, when the Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro Jonathan Whitaker who attended along with the Grand Superintendent E.Comp Steve Allum, presented E.Comp Alan Berman with his 50-year certificate in Craft masonry, a great achievement which marked the significant role E.Comp Alan has had within freemasonry over that time.

E.Comp Alan responded thanking E.Comp Jonathan for his kind words taking the time to attend the meeting and recounting the opportunities he has had in his masonic journey. He was especially pleased that E.Comp Lawrence Guyer was present, being his proposer into freemasonry and friend over many years.

The presentation of a 50-year craft certificate to E.Comp Alan as Past Grand Superintendent reinforces the strong links between the Royal Arch and the Craft.