South Circular visit to Augustus Webster Lodge No. 3871 – May 30th 2023

Thank you to all those who attended the South Circular visit to Augustus Webster this week (Tuesday 30th May 2023)

The attached photo depicts the South Circular who attended in various guises to the lodge. (Some were part of the Provincial team, some Augustus Webster members, some guests of the lodge, but a good turnout for those attending solely with the SC too)

The Worshipful Master – W.Bro Terry Donavon guided his team strongly throughout their last meeting as an entity, and all attendees and Officers of the lodge provided a dignified and positive closing ceremony (With the assistance of the Provincial team)

The Provincial Grand Master – RW Bro Jonathan Charles Whitaker, delivered encouraging words for Masonry. RW Jonathan also praised the outgoing Officers, particularly the Charity Steward, Almoner, and Treasurer for the detailed and thorough completion of their final duties. It was made very clear that work would take place to continue to support the Widows of former lodge members. It was also made evident that the vast majority of members have already found new Lodges, and that others were still looking to find one suited to them, which is welcome news indeed!

W.Bro Mark Green also spoke very positively about the South Circular during his response to the Toast to the Visitors – Very much appreciated.

Thanks again for your sterling efforts for those that currently visit, and for those that will visit with us in the future.

Bro Rob Connor
South Circular Coordinator