South Circular on tour – Elizabethan lodge No. 7262 – May 2023

The South Circular crossed the Area lines in May to visit the Elizabethan Lodge in Christchurch. Our own APGM W.Bro Ian Preece SGD, is a member of this lodge, and has sent a message of thanks to all those who attended and made it one to remember. For information, we attended with circa 14 members, and had our own sprig at the Festive Board.

Despite some last minute stand-ins, the meeting went ahead as planned, and an excellent level of ritual was observed throughout the time in the temple. But, for me the success of the evening wasn’t necessarily the aforementioned. It was the welcome and company of the Elizabethan lodge Brethren (the Brethren greeted us very well on arrival); the company of all those at the Festive board, the clear excitement of the 2 initiates, as well as the number of people attending from the South Circular.

On this occasion, the South Circular did not stay for a photo at the end of proceedings, but pictured are:

SCA APGM W.Bro Ian Preece SGD, Bro Ollie, W.Bro Max Preece (WM) Bro Michael, and of course, R.W Bro Mike Wilks Past ProvGM